Studio Fitness Plus offers a personalized physical training program which is tailored around the individual client.  It incorporates 25 years of experience in the health and fitness field including physical therapy, personal training and pilates.  Our goal is to incorporate the client’s needs with our own proven method of training with emphasis on pilates, core training, and strength training.

Studio Fitness Plus also incorporates cardio training (stationary bike, elliptical machine), free weights (both barbell and dumbbell), smith machine, etc.  All of which incorporated into the clients routine as dictated by his or her individual need.
The goals of strength training are many and include:

        • Gain strength and muscle tone
        • Sculpt and define long lean muscle
        • Increase your metabolism
        • Decrease body fat
        • Reduce risk of osteoporosis
        • Improve self esteem
        • Improve muscle alignment and balance
        • Improve posture
        • Improve quality of life